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This site will link you to pictures from miscellaneous events that I've gone to/been in. I promise to update events as they happen and as pictures get to me. If anyone has any pictures they would like to submit (that are relevant to the website) I'll be more than glad to post them. :-)

|The Wedding| Here are the wedding pictures!

|The Quinceanera | This is a link to the page that talks a little bit about my Quince, and all the pictures we had taken.

|Old West |[ 1 | 2 ] My Junior High friends and I decided it would be fun to go have our pictures taken in Old West style clothing

|Dances| Here's to all the dances I've been to and the pictures we took.

|Christmas Dance 1998| This was my first "Real" High school Dance. I went with my friends Jonny, Neal, Sarah, Noah and Ingrid. It was fun, and Ayako's was great!

|Christmas Dance 1999| I went with Jonny, David and Sarah (who was supposed to go with someone else, but they forgot at the last minute. Thank goodness for David)

|Valentine's Dance 2000 | This is the dance I was stood up to :-( It's okay, I had a good time anyway.

|Christmas Dance 2000 | Heh heh, my first Date with Seth. How romantic eh? We had fun. Dinner at Denny's, Chocolate Creme Pie, splitting a large salad with his sister, and tons of fun, crazy dancing. It was quite an enjoyable night. (pictured left to right: Doug, Jenna, Sarah, Mike, me, Seth, Evan, Christine, Emily, Brett, Chris, Audrey, Nick, and his date)

|Prom 2001 | Group | Couple |Seth said it was the most beautiful he'd ever seen me. I enjoyed myself, I must say. It was a lot of fun, and after, we watched Office Space while Jon Jammed on his guitar. (picture in group L to R: Chris, Chelsea, Evan, Kate, me, Seth, Audrey, Brett, Lauren, Jon, Sarah, Mike)

|Christmas Dance 2002 | Seth and I decided to go solo to this one because it was our 1 year anniversary. He gave me the earrings and necklace that I'm wearing in the picture for it.

|Prom 2002 | Ah, our last prom. And boy did we have fun. Mike, Kate, Pat, Lauren, Seth and Myself all rented a limo and went to 5 n' Diner afterwards. It was a real blast. I made the dress myself, and it was Seth's first time in a white suit.

|Renaissance Festival | For my 17th birthday, we all went. Christina was the picture taker, and we were all the subjects. It was a lot of fun, and I got lots of great gifts!

|Other Pictures: These are like really really old | 1st Collage | 2nd Collage | 3rd collage |

Junior High
Christmas 1998 (RMHS)
Christmas 1998 (Xavier)
Christmas 1999
Valentine's Day
Christmas Dance 2000
Prom 2001 [ 1 | 2 ]
Christmas 2001
Prom 2002