Recent Updates:

06/17/2004: So the Website's new template is up! yay! I'm finally completely satisfies with my website's look. It took awhile (and a few *odd* templates) but it's definitely improving.

If you are just dying to know more about me and what I do, just email me at kaistarfire@

Welcome to The Silver Galaxy.

The Silver Galaxy is the title given to the series of books I've been working on since the 7th Grade. Even though I have temporarily paused production on my story due to school, the idea of the Silver Galaxy will continue to effect everything I do.

The Silver Galaxy is a galaxy that encompasses hundreds of planets. Inhabiting them are a multitude of different peoples and societies. In a way, so is this website. It is a complilation of all my interests, my personalities, and as many of the different aspects of my life as I can possibly show. It is somewhat of a look inside my head. It will also soon encompass many more aspects of other people's lives and interests as I try to convince my friends to start pages of their own.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about anything.


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